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Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 11 years, 5 months ago

EpiDoc Training, London September 2011: outcomes


XSLT requests:


  • supplied reason=undefined, etc.
  • rationalizing treatment of symbols and glyphs (move to teiHeader <- XSLT) 
  • stylesheets for apparatus criticus
  • stylesheets for supplementary data (sample display = london?)


Other questions/desiderata:


  • Generic tool for delivering EpiDoc -> website/publication
    • free-standing indexing / concordancing stylesheets
    • generic website framework
  • Sustainability, especially of dynamic content
  • Future of EpiDoc training
    • digital training at student level (do papyrologists use PE with MA students?)
    • writing costs of training into funding bids
  • Guidelines: advice and overview of project-level data management (part of "step by step"?)
    • inscriptions + bibliography + authority lists + ...
    • how to divide/link files (including supporting files)
    • some decisions need to be made in advance, others can be left to later
    • what are major components of a digital corpus
    • licensing/copyright/permissions issues
  • Guidelines: collate advice on symbols (archaic characters, acrophonics, Claudian letters, etc.)
  • When will we have an Epigraphic Navigator (and Editor)?
  • We need richer markup possibilities than SoSOL/Leiden+ allows
  • Advanced EpiDoc training:
    • XSLT - generally
    • EpiDoc Example XSLT modification/parameterization etc.
    • data management and source control
    • xMod preview/training?
    • full markup of epigraphic edition in detail
      • cf. internships (Erasmus, Leonardo, LLLP)
  • Guidelines: recommended values for provenance/event/@type needed: Scott Vanderbilt and Jonathan Prag to propose preliminary list to Markup. 

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