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Minutes January 2024

Page history last edited by filosam 1 week, 6 days ago

EDAG January 2024 call agenda - Ticket sprint


Date: Wednesday 17th January, 16:00 GMT = 17:00 CET = 11:00 EST


Present: Gabriel Bodard (GB), Scott DiGiulio (SD), Martina Filosa (MF), Emmanuelle Morlock (EMo), Alessio Sopracasa (AS), Nora White (NW)

Apologies: Scott Vanderbilt, Marta Fogagnolo, Alice Bencivenni, Caroline Barron, Thomas Kollatz, Elli Mylonas 

Chair: AS

Post meeting minute cleanup: MF


Agenda items:

  • Approve Minutes December 2023

    • Approved: MF to upload

  • 9.6 Release:

    • Thursday February 22 announcement (just after EDAG on 21st)

    • Last call for edits 

    • Call for testing

    • Candidate release

    • Wednesday March 21 final release day (with EDAG that day to troubleshoot)

      • in the ReleaseProc we say that it should be preferably a Tuesday

    • Release technicians: MF, GB

      • MF to convene a meeting for all release technicians

  • Membership

  • AS will contact the group for volunteers 

  • Standing items:

    • Markup list (see below)

    • and EpiDoc FRs, Bugs, Pull Requests, EFES issues reminder (see below)

    • EFES standing agenda item (see below)

    • Training standing item

    • Current epigraphy

      • events, training, new publications

      • new EpiDoc projects

      • DH/epigraphic conferences that EDAG might contribute to



accepted 16

deferred 1

needs-feedback 1

pending 2

unread 2

  • 169: Revise GL page on quotation marks

  • 168: Index of TEI elements: enhancements

  • 167: Encoding permission/ethical metadata

    • Discussion has started

  • 166: Clear citation practice for parts of EpiDoc resources

  • 165: Consider nested ab for formatting changes

  • 158: Consider wrapping lines or line groups in HTML output

  • 157: Mycenaean/Wingspread to EpiDoc concordance

  • 156: Remove legacy Unicode display of glyphs from XSLT

  • 155: Expansion to guidelines for "haplography"

  • 152: Multiple origDate elements

  • 144: Add @rend value of 'inserted' to `hi` element

  • 139: Update, format, correct, supplement examples in GL

  • 137: Example and documentation of chained ODD

  • 120: Investigate getting Guidelines crawled by Internet Archive

  • 118: Menu on all pages reflecting table of contents

  • 113: Inline editorial correction of previous edition

  • 103: Testing procedure for changes in the XSLT stylesheets

  • 95: Give examples of @type on persName

  • 93: Create documentation/training material for Example Stylesheet parameters

  • 85: Re-engineer guidelines process to use tunnel parameters for examples

  • 79: Clarify and complete guidance on line placement/​formatting

  • 74: Add basic functionality for INTERNAL apparatus to XSLT

  • EFES issues reminder:

    • 14 open issues

  • Standing items: Markup list



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