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Minutes November 2022

Page history last edited by filosam 1 year, 5 months ago

Date: Tuesday 22nd November 16:00–17:00 GMT


Present: Elina Boeva (EB), Hugh Cayless (HC), Martina Filosa (MFi), Marta Fogagnolo (MFo), Thomas Kollatz (TK), Elli Mylonas (EM), Irene Vagionakis (IV)


Apologies: Gabriel Bodard, Alice Bencivenni, Charlotte Tupman, Nora White


Chair: Martina Filosa, Thomas Kollatz


Post meeting minute cleanup: MFi


Agenda items:

  • Approve September minutes - Approved.

  • Debriefing EpiDoc v9.4 

    • Worked well, new tag on GitHub

    • HC points out that Epidoc says that there will be a new release when there is a new TEI release. He could run the process again to incorporate the latest TEI, and document it. 

    • MFi: is this a major or minor release? HC: it’s minor (9.5), not a patch (9.4.1)

    • EpiDoc should formalise release naming conventions (check to see what is already documented)

    • TODO: HC will make new release called 9.5 to incorporate the latest version of TEI. He will ask GB and SS if the changes in GitHub are ready for prime time. Will need release notes. EM will assist and take notes. 

    • Set date and notify after in first week December.

      • in our December Meeting (first 15' general matters): GB suggests not doing a release only to align with TEI at this time of year, as it is a time when no one will be able to proofread or check. Propose to put it off until Jan or Feb. Agreed.

  • IV should we test and incorporate submodule stylesheets into EFES for this release? – added IV and GB as reviewers of the PR

    • MFi this should trigger a new release of EFES that is aligned with EpiDoc 9.5.

    • EFES will try to make a new release, in order to include latest stylesheets. 

  • Report on verse sprint

    • In London in November. 

    • Changes to Guidelines to handle verse better

      • Cleanup of pages

      • Clarify attribute value usage. Added symbols for feet and caesurae, and added information to Guidelines pages. 

      • Use <caesura> element that is already in TEI. Describe usage.

      • Group will meet again and continue to improve the Guidelines. 

  • Report on Guidelines sprint

    • Lots of discussion of methodology

    • Survey of the state of the guidelines so we can see which pages need improvement, are placeholders, and what they might need. Remove duplicates.

    • We could also try to produce documents with guidelines for writing the guidelines

    • Recommend that we adopt GB’s proposal that every other EDAG meeting be a sprint, alternating tickets and guidelines. MF will send an email to announce (and get reactions to) this proposal. December meeting will be a ticket sprint, and January a regular meeting. 

  • Standing items:

    • Markup list and EpiDoc FRs, Bugs, Pull Requests, EFES issues reminder

      • FR 165: Consider nested ab for formatting changes. Discussion started. 

      • FR 164:  confusing examples 

      • ML: Dating Text Through Organizational Connections → see discussion here.

      • FR 162 Ligatures > 2 letters Keep discussion going on Ticket - think through changing how we mark them up.   

      • FR 163  - maybe check existing Inslib code with different projects - let’s just take off the inslib parameter, and everyone test it locally

      • EFES issue 63 on Symbols stylesheets (for the next EFES sprint)

    • EFES standing agenda item

    • Training standing item 


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