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Minutes August 2022

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EDAG August 2022 call agenda


Date: Wednesday 17 August • 15:00–16:00 BST


Present: Gabriel Bodard (GB), Elina Boeva (EB), Hugh Cayless (HC), Scott DiGiulio (SD), Marta Fogagnolo (MF), Thomas Kollatz (TKo), Elli Mylonas (EMy), Irene Vagionakis (IV), Nora White (NW)


Apologies: Martina Filosa, Alessio Sopracasa, Alice Bencivenni, Scott Vanderbilt


Chair: Scott DiGiulio (SD)


Post meeting minute cleanup: EMy


Agenda Items


  • Introductions (for benefit of new members)

  • Approved July minutes

  • Discussion on migrating the guidelines into GitHub, and potentially reconsidering where we are hosting the EpiDoc package

    • HC (email to EpiDocAG on July 20): Has created a repository on GitHub to replace the Sourceforge repo, and a set of GitHub pages that generate the guidelines automatically. This makes releases much simpler.  https://epidoc.github.io/Source/gl/dev/ & https://github.com/EpiDoc/Source

    • TE and HC are working on trying to switch up the Guidelines domain name to point to GitHub so that we can work on getting the pending release out

      • Point of clarification: The domain would map across to the NYU site rather than changing the domain itself, just needs to change the pointer

      • GB: We should update the internal guidelines for ourselves alongside the release process with some documentation explaining how the Git pages are configured/set up as part of this migration

  • EMo feedback on Huma-Num

    • Pros and cons

    • Postpone to Sep

  • Standing items:

    • Markup list and EpiDoc FRs, Bugs, Pull Requests, EFES issues reminder

      • ML: Buildings EMy will answer

        • Seems to have already been answered (partially)

      • FR 162 Ligatures of more than 2 letters. We will keep further discussion going on the ticket as we think through changing how to mark them up. -  

      • FR 163  - maybe check existing Inslib code with different projects - let’s just take off the inslib parameter, and everyone test it locally

      • EFES issue 63 on Symbols stylesheets (for the next EFES sprint)

    • EFES standing agenda item

      • Debrief on previous EFES meeting at which concordance of desires for EFES was put together

        • Group began to aggregate features to add to EFES based on what projects have already done or plan to do in the near future. 

    • Training standing item

      • November 7-8 verse inscriptions (finalise attendance)

        • Will effectively include a two-day sprint on working on the guidelines from verse inscriptions

      • Possible summer school (GB guages interest and reactions)

        • Potential week-long, formally accredited session (will carry credit equivalent of a 1-semester course for postgraduate students) in London

        • Ca. 600 pounds tuition? Target of between 10-20 students, though slightly less would still be economically feasible

        • If it runs, GB will be looking for a co-tutor

        • Such a workshop doesn’t necessarily need to be run in London, even if it’s affiliated (co-hosting would need to be sorted out/negotiated, but…)

  • New business: 

    • in addition to periodic ticket sprints we propose to add a periodic Guidelines sprint. We will try the following schedule: every 3 months, the EDAG meeting is a sprint (ticket sprint alternating with a guidelines sprint). Start with Oct. for guidelines sprint.

      • As part of polling for next meeting, bear in mind that the Oct meeting will be a 2-hour sprint]

      • GB volunteers to be Guidelines Sprint-Czar for first meeting

    • Develop a style-guide for new editors of the guidelines? 

      • This will start falling out of the meetings and our discussions/work in those sprints


Next calls:


Wednesday 21st September, 15:00–16:00 BST (then re-survey for Oct–Dec)


Please e-mail epidocag@googlegroups.com if you foresee problems (e.g. holidays, EpiDoc training events etc.) for future dates.



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