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Minutes February 2021

Page history last edited by Thomas Kollatz 3 years, 1 month ago

Date: Tuesday 16th February 2021 • 17:00–18:00 GMT


Present: Alice Bencivenni (AB), Gabriel Bodard (GB), Hugh Cayless (HC), Scott DiGiulio (SD), Martina Filosa (MF), Thomas Kollatz (TK), Elli Mylonas (EMy), Alessio Sopracasa (AS), Irene Vagionakis (IV), Scott Vanderbilt (SV), Polina Yordanova (PY)


  • Emmanuelle Morlock (EMo)

  • Tom Elliott

  • Simona Stoyanova

Chair: Polina Yordanova (PY)

Post meeting minute cleanup: TK

Agenda items:

  • Approve January minutes:

    • Todo pending:  Add EFES to Release Proc. (GB)

    • Todo pending: EM to start draft outline of LinkedPasts report

  • Welcome new EDAG members, Alessio & Alice!

  • g/ref and apparatus PR

    • HC reports: pending Pietro accepting some changes

  • EpiDoc training video tutorials (programme)

    • EpiDoc Training Youtube channel

    • We now have a Google account for EpiDoc, with a Google Drive for storing slides et sim.

    • GB: can we use Markup list for student questions/discussions?

      • SD: I don’t think that will be a problem—no explosion of posts likely

  • Report on January Bologna workshop and ENCODE conference (IV & AB)

    • Feedback suggests a significant appetite for an advanced workshop that also includes training in XSLT, Xpath, and some other aspects of working on implementing and customizing a website (with or without EFES) 

  • EpiDoc Wikipedia page

    • Will add a collaborative editing sprint as part of April agenda

  • EMy: Call for Documenting EpiDoc projects and guidelines (SF page)

  • Tickets / Markup List Reminder

    • Added examples for non-structural text parts in the GL (SV + IV)

    • March ticket sprint: Ticket Czarina: EMy

  • EFES standing agenda item

    • IV: nothing to report this month. One pending pull request.

  • Papyri.info editathon

    • GB will circulate date and invitation to join presently

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