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Minutes March 2021

Page history last edited by Thomas Kollatz 3 years ago




Date: Tuesday 16th March 2021 • 16:30–18:00 GMT


Present: Alice Bencivenni (AB), Gabriel Bodard (GB), Hugh Cayless (HC), Scott DiGiulio (SD), Martina Filosa (MF), Thomas Kollatz (TK), Elli Mylonas (EMy), Alessio Sopracasa (AS), Simona Stoyanova (SS), Irene Vagionakis (IV), Polina Yordanova (PY)


Apologies: Charlotte Tupman (CT), Scott Vanderbilt (SV), Emmanuelle Morlock (EMo), Tom Elliott (TE)


Chair: Polina Yordanova (PY)


Post meeting minute cleanup: TKo


Agenda items:


Ticket Sprint

2 Bug Reports:

  • 177 EpiDoc Guidelines search box seems to be broken Hugh

  • 178 "See also" generated links broken by multilingual pagesGabby


21 Feature Requests

  • 74 Add basic functionality for INTERNAL apparatus to XSLT (Hugh)

  • 79 Clarify and complete guidance on line placement/​formatting (Scott D.)

  • 82 Document structured bibliography in GL (Elli) move to 9.2

  • 85 Re-engineer guidelines process to use tunnel parameters for examples (Scott V.)

  • 93 Create documentation/​training material for Example Stylesheet parameters (Gabby)

    • will address this before September workshop

  • 95 Give examples of @type on persName (Gabby)

  • 113 Inline editorial correction of previous edition (Elli)

  • 116 "Gentle Introduction" is out of date (Gabby) change to 9.2

  • 118 Menu on all pages reflecting table of contents (Elli) keep, not for 9.2

  • 120 Investigate getting Guidelines crawled by Internet Archive (Scott V.)

  • 124 Address custodial history in Guidelines (Elli & Scott D.)

  • 132Text direction: GL and XSL need improving (Tom) turned into a bug

  • 137 Example and documentation of chained ODD (Emmanuelle) EM nudge include GB, Alessio

  • 139 Update, format, correct, supplement examples in GL (Pietro) nudge

  • 140 facilitate discovery of comparative projects (Elli) close

    • Propose to close.

  • 143 Provide for editorial suppression and addition as normalisation (unread)

  • 144 Add @rend value of 'inserted' to `hi` element (Elli) mailing list 

  • 146 Incorporate EFES updates into EpiDoc release process (Gabby)

  • 147 page on EpiDoc and Linked Data(Pietro)

  • 149 page for alternative readings in Transcription section (unread) Alessio

  • 150 Advice on embedding supplied/​other tags in words, names, etc.(unread) Martina

Pull Requests


EFES tickets (for future ticket sprints?)



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