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Minutes December 2020

Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 2 years ago

Date: Tuesday 15th December 2020 • 17:00–18:00 GMT


Present: Gabriel Bodard (GB), Scott DiGiulio (SD), Thomas Kollatz (TK), Elli Mylonas (EMy), Simona Stoyanova (SS), Charlotte Tupman (CT), Irene Vagionakis (IV), Polina Yordanova (PY)


Apologies: Tom Elliott, Pietro Liuzzo


Chair: Elli Mylonas (EMy)


Post meeting minute cleanup: GB


Agenda items:

  • Approve November minutes:

  • LinkedPasts6 - Epigraphic ontology (EMy reports)

    • useful format, allowed for discussion

    • filling in gaps from now until Jan meeting (object expansion, some intro, ontology comparison, reification, guidance & examples needed)

    • follow-up meeting Jan 22, 14:00 GMT (could be moved to 16:00 GMT) to sketch a roadmap

  • apparatus-PR https://github.com/EpiDoc/Stylesheets/pull/5

    • deferring until we have PL,(TE|HC)+

  • Papyri.info editathon

    • James Cowey and GB planning sponsored editathon to raise attention and $$. Seeking volunteers to edit and get the word out. 

  • Tickets / Markup List Reminder

    • no new tickets, not much activity in the markup list

    • (Legions): how to mark up legions named after someone (e.g. “Augusta”); SV’s on-list suggestion was `<addName>` - It makes sense to add a sentence and a link to an example. (EMy will make FR)

  • EFES standing agenda item

    • InsLib bid unsuccessful (but other possibilities in the air)

    • Discussion of EFES desiderata (cf. GB+PY-2020):

      • geo-index, lemmatisation

      • indexing external EpiDoc files (without displaying as internal HTML)

      • geovisualisation tool

      • date slider

      • LOD export

  • Next EDAG Chair? 

    • Polina volunteers, and is elected by acclamation.

    • New time slot: GB will set up a poll to select possible new time for January onwards- DONE


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