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Minutes November 2020

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EDAG November 2020 call agenda


Date: Tuesday 17th November 2020 • 16:00–17:00 GMT


Present: Gabriel Bodard (GB), Scott DiGiulio (SD), Thomas Kollatz (TK), Pietro Liuzzo (PL), Emmanuelle Morlock (EMo), Simona Stoyanova (SS), Charlotte Tupman (CT), Irene Vagionakis (IV)



  • Elli Mylonas, Tom Elliott, Scott Vanderbilt, Laura Löser


Chair: Irene Vagionakis (IV) (acting)


Post meeting minute cleanup: Charlotte Tupman (CT)


Agenda items:

  • No current bug reports.

    • Thanks extended to PL.

  • Approve October minutes: (Approved).

  • Drive for minutes and agendas: 

    • Documents and drives can be shared with Google group.

    • Action: Irene will create a folder and share (Done).

  • Epigraphic ontology document: https://groups.google.com/g/epont

    • PL drew the group's attention to the LinkedPasts6 proposal for activities;

    • PL: those who are interested can join in. Discussion beforehand. GB and PL encourage everyone to register for Linked Pasts. 
    • SS: session together with sigillography, could be merged;

    • GB: programme will be available soon.

  • Tickets / Markup List Reminder

    • No new tickets.

    • Some unassigned tickets 103, 137, 143. For 103 we need to discuss procedure before assigning someone to the task.

    • MarkupList: Reconstruction based on Latin translation, see https://lsv.uky.edu/scripts/wa.exe?A2=ind2011&L=MARKUP&P=1807

      • SS to summarise on MarkupList - SD and GB to reply - moved to December minutes.

  • Report on November Digital Classicist Wiki sprint

    • One of the most successful DC wiki edits: many pages were updated, over 200 edits;

    • Decisions made about changes - epigraphy and palaeography categories split;

    • PL has list of projects to add to DC wiki - PL to add to spreadsheet;

    • Future sprint to review things that haven’t changed for years?

  • EFES standing agenda item

    • https://github.com/EpiDoc/EFES/issues/57: issue with some symbols in EpiDoc stylesheets? 

    • GB suggests, in sequence: (i) comment out the 4 plane-2 unicode symbols from the EFES branch of stylesheets; (ii) merge glyph-branch into EpiDoc Stylesheets; (iii) fix the relationship between Stylesheets and EFES

    • To do: add EFES to ReleaseProc - moved to December minutes.

  • Calls for EpiDoc-related submissions to jTEI (there are 2 submissions related to EpiDoc, more would be greatly helpful, a coordinated effort even better)

    • Coordinated, thematic section in the journal is a possibility - state of the art of the EpiDoc community in 2021?

  • The G-PR support for g/@ref · Issue #4 · EpiDoc/Stylesheets has been reviewed by Hugh, needs some changes that we can discuss and decide upon.

    • GB suggests a small working subgroup that includes PL, HC and at least one other - PL to send a message summarising.

  • The apparatus-PR https://github.com/EpiDoc/Stylesheets/pull/5  - moved to next month’s agenda.

  • Papyri.info sponsored editathon (GB)

    • Money being raised for endowment of post on Duke Databank;

    • Online seminar series - donations requested;

    • 24-hr editathon proposed on papyri.info, again encouraging people to donate;

    • http://www.supportpapyri.info/

  • Chair for next months? When does Elli’s term come to an end? 


Next calls:

Tuesday 15th December, 17:00 GMT  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TciEgFCQyTw82mIMNMyoV1MS-kReFJExGLztcT00aoQ/edit

Tuesday 19th January, 16:00 GMT

Tuesday 16th February, 16:00 GMT

Tuesday 16th March, 16:00 GMT

Tuesday 20th April, 16:00 BST


Please e-mail Irene if you foresee problems (e.g. holidays, EpiDoc training events etc.) for future dates.

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