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Minutes May 2020

Page history last edited by Thomas Kollatz 3 years, 10 months ago

date: Tuesday 19th May 2020


apologies Laura (LL); Tom (TE); Scott (SV); Hugh (HC)


presentSimona Stoyanova (SS), Gabriel Bodard (GB), Thomas Kollatz (TKo), Pietro Liuzzo (PL), Irene Vagionakis (IV), Emmanuelle Morlock (EMo), Elli Mylonas (EMy), Polina Yordanova (PY), Scott DiGiulio (SJD),


chair: Charlotte Tupman (CT) 


Minutes by: TKo



  • Approve April minutes remark: “Tom replied” refers to meter-discussion

  • Appoint chair for next three meetings (July-September): EMyi 

  • Pull requests:

  • EpiDoc server URL discussion (TE and GB)

    • To be discussed when we can get hold of Tom

    • http://epidoc.stoa.org/  currently /w placeholder; reason for EpiDoc server: more than one (Tom) should be able to upload stuff

    • EMy: Decisions needed about CMS, directory structure, rewrite rules, etc.

    • GB contacted TE, ccing EDAG Chair

  • Meeting timings (following Hugh’s email): HC can no longer make Tuesday 1400 UTC/ 1500 BST slot.

    • GB: Let’s run a poll from July meeting onwards GB DONE

  • Ticket sprint on 16th June ( = June EDAG)

    • LL: sent an email out asking if everyone could make it and nobody said no, so this is now scheduled for next month!

  • Epigraphic Ontology update from Hamburg Epigraphy.info workshop (workshop plan TKo) Modeling Epigraphy with an epigraphic ontology (already 7 EDAG members involved)

    • TKo: EpiDoc/XTriples workshop (virtual) planned before epigraphy.info V 

    • GB: should we use existing EpOnt Google group on epigraphic ontology

    • (PL now co-manager of EpOnt GB DONE) discussion on EpOnt

  • Practical EFES questions from EDAK (F. Weise) and Ptanois Posin (A. Cinalli) related work

    • What if the authority list is actually more important than the inscriptions?

    • Where to begin to build an API for data in EFES?

    • Run 2+ different efes? How to change port?

      • Change in config.xmap 

→ GB points to EFES-USERS mailing list for questions like the above

  • AOB (any other business)

    • List of mailing lists - where to put it? EpiDoc Wiki front page GB DONE

      • One or three ? Keep list for experts and “the others” 

    • Preparation/homework for ticket sprint: Look at tickets, especially unassigned ones … 

    • “Ticket Tsar”: ticket-wrangling in advance of ticket sprint? Summarise list of tickets in a doc (agenda) with a note to say what’s needed - group tickets: Charlotte will do it !!! CT DONE

Next calls:  Tuesday 16th June - ticket sprint






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