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Minutes November 2019

Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 3 years ago

Date: Tuesday 19th November 2019


Present: Simona Stoyanova (SS, chair), Tom Elliott (TE, minuter), Gabriel Bodard (GB), Irene Vagionakis (IV), Laura Löser (LL), Scott DiGiulio (SJD; slightly late)


Apologies: Hugh Cayless (might be able to join late), Charlotte Tupman, Polina Yordanova, Elli Mylonas (probably can’t join, even late)


Agenda items:


  • Discussion of chair roles, minute taking

    • GB updates from last meeting: 

      • Everybody will contribute to minutes as they see fit

      • At beginning of call we will appoint a Minute Overseer who is someone other than the chair

    • Chair for next months:

      • SS volunteers for November & December but has a conflict in January

      • Need nominations for chair from January through March (LL will send the email calling for nominations/volunteers)



  • Welcomed Irene to the group





  • Permanent EpiDoc domain from TE:


    • TE preparing a transition to an NYU server; expects to report it is ready by next EDAG

    • TE to lead email discussion of main URLs for key components

    • (Discuss repository issues, i.e., SourceForge)



  • Post-mortem on v9.1 release:

    • Process documentation issues … several were fixed at the time

    • Difference in creating directories on server for minor versions for schema but not for Guidelines (see https://sourceforge.net/p/epidoc/wiki/ReleaseProc/ sub “Release Day: Final release” -> 3 -> 1 & 2

    • Tidy up separation between schema and gl instructions

    • SV will have a first bash at editing release proc. TE will also contribute.


  • Future workshops:
    • SigiDoc workshop, Venice, 20-21 January, 2020

      • MF, SS

    • EpiDoc and Epigraphy.info technical training Hamburg, Feb 17-19, 2020

      • PL teaching

    • EpiDoc workshop, Uppsala 23-27 March, 2020

      • LL to send email to Pietro to ask if there should be follow-up / a call for volunteers

    • EpiDoc/EFES workshop, London April 20–24, 2020

      • LL interested in joining

  • Tickets

    • GitHub

    • Markup List

      • supplied/illegible - postponed

      • Mislabelled Stylesheet currently called Panciera - needs further discussion

      • Feature request 133

      • Feature request 136 (ask Hugh and/or Simona if they want to take care of this)



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