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Minutes October 2019

Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 4 years, 7 months ago

Date: Tuesday 15th October 2019


Present: Laura Löser, Gabby Bodard, Charlotte Tupman, Scott DiGiulio, Elli Mylonas, Scott Vanderbilt


Apologies: Simona Stoyanova, Hugh Cayless, Polina Yordanova, Emmanuelle Morlock, Tom Elliott


Agenda items:



Assigned to 9.0

        • One remaining ticket assigned to 9.0 (considered done, SD marked as closed)


Assigned to future


Assigned to 9.1.

        • LL sent e-mail to those not on call to look into their feature requests and/or assign them to future

        • Unread ones: 133 (postponed to November EDAG and moved to future), 135 (moved to future), 136 (moved to future, needs someone to work on encoding for metre and to look into two pages on encoding metre, maybe Hugh and/or Simona)

        • A few more tickets assigned to 9.1 assigned to future by GB

      • Add note to Release process to duplicate upload of dev from day -8 to day -15 (Scott V)

    • Next release tentatively dated to spring 2020


  • Rio workshop and Portuguese translation of the GLs

    • CT was there for 3 day workshop, also including some EFES on last day. First EpiDoc workshop in South America.

    • 12-15 students (numbers varied depending on day)

    • Some follow-ups from students from various backgrounds with ideas about ideas for links between their and our work (e.g. working with coins, manuscripts...)

    • GLs are being translated into Brazilian Portuguese

      • In the long run might require some re-engineering of how the Guidelines incorporate the translations of the Guidelines

    • Acclamation of Charlotte’s good work

  • Permanent EpiDoc domain

    • Tabling for Tom Elliott being around; decision seems to have been to use epidoc.stoa.org, but we’ll want to confirm/discuss.

  • EDAG Membership: propose to invite Irene Vagionakis to join us

    • Approved

    • GB to invite

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