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Minutes September 2019

Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 4 years, 7 months ago

Date: Tuesday 24th September 2019


Present: Scott Vanderbilt, Scott DiGiulio, Gabriel Bodard, Elli Mylonas


Apologies: Pietro, Charlotte, Simona, Laura, Polina


Agenda items:


  • Finalise release date for October: 

    • Discuss having a pre-warning last call for edits 3  or 4 weeks before the release (to Markup and EDAG) so people can start/finish some of their tickets. The purpose of notifying the Markup list is in order to check that there are no bugs or features that someone expected progress on. The purpose of notifying EDAG and Epidoc maintainers is so everyone can close their tickets or change the milestone to next release number.

    • Dates: 

      • Oct 1 Prewarning

      • Monday 14th October - Day R-15 of release. Tom uploads everything that has been done so far to the dev server. 

      • Mon. Oct 21 - Day R-8. Full freeze 

      • Oct. 29 - Day 0. Release on Tuesday. 

    • SV made some changes to reflect slightly modified release procedure in SF.

  • Check and approve August minutes

    • Recap discussion about role of co-chairs. Currently imbalanced as one chair send notifications and the other writes agenda, takes minutes and then cleans up minutes. Perhaps determine responsibility for the minutes at the beginning of each call, especially since the group has varying attendance. Then crowdsource minutes during the call.

    • Group thinks that one Chair should send out call reminder, start the agenda and ask for new items. At beginning of meeting nominate “minute cleanup person” and all crowdsource minute taking during the meeting. Other chair can make sure everything is minuted during the meeting.

  • Tickets to be cleared before release

  • Revise old training slides, examples?  - YES

    • This might be part of the effort to create a Sunoikisis-like course for Epidoc

  • What is this page, does it still belong anywhere? http://www.stoa.org/epidoc/gl/5/conformance.html

    • (GB) No. But it’s an old page which isn’t indexed. It should remain because it is a historical document although no longer part of the Guidelines

  • Migrate sourceforge page to Github page or some wiki (unfindable) [Not discussed]

  • Reports on workshops

    • Berlin - 40 people! Indologists and further east. Community with lots of language/script features to handle. Went well. 

    • Zurich workshop (Elli and Tamara). ~12 people. Went well. EFES went really well. Need to investigate Atom a bit more (XML plugin is schema-aware per Raff - He and HC are using it when they demo CeTEIcean). 

    • Greek workshop - another one wanted in Athens (next spring? - who could do it? Will likely be epigraphically very intense - need a strong epigraphist)

    • DC - no workshop at NACGLE

  • Washington DC - Epigraphic meeting NACGLE

    • Epigraphy.info will have AIA poster, and possibly a 1-hr session at NACGLE on the Sunday afternoon -- more of a Q&A


For next agenda: permanent EpiDoc domain needed

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