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Minutes July 2019

Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 4 years, 5 months ago

Date: Tuesday 9th July 2019


Present: Gabriel Bodard (GB), Laura Löser (LL), Tom Elliott (TE), Scott Vanderbilt (SV), Elli Mylonas (EMy), Scott DiGiulio (SD)


Apologies: Polina Yordanova, Charlotte Tupman, Emmanuelle Morlock, Simona Stoyanova


Agenda items:


  • Approve June minutes  - APPROVED

  • Laura and Scott still need to fix a date for next release

    • [X] LL will send Doodle to find date in September to Scott V, Gabby, Tom

  • Report on Vienna epigraphy.info meeting from TE

    • 30th May to 1st June

    • Preceded by 3-day EpiDoc training (James Cowey and Tom Elliott)

    • 50+ people, core ~25 people

    • → build on epigraphy.info vision statement

    • Short report forthcoming (longer report also, in the future)

    • Next meeting: Hamburg February 2020

    • “Epigraphy Party” in DC (January 2020) concurrent with north american meetings

    • Working groups:

      • Social media team for outreach

      • Vocabularies and RDF (builds on Oxford Linked Epigraphy meeting)

      • User profiles and scenarios

      • Recommendations on handling of unpublished inscriptions

      • Getting all existing project data online, in EpiDoc, under open license, with stable URIs

    • The following committee members were elected to one-year terms: Andrea Mannocci (Pisa), Chiara Cenati (Vienna), Tom Elliott (New York), Cristina de la Escosura (Zaragosa), Tom Gheldof (Leuven), and Vincent Razanajao (Bordeaux).

    • More things that will need to be thought about

      • linking editions

      • including linked open data rdf information, what, how… work on ontologies (GB: it seems often people prefer to pay more attention to other things and this keeps being neglected; or people believe this has already been done, but this is not correct)

  • Update from GB and EMy on EpiDoc semester plans [deferred to August]

  • Rolling positions within EDAG

    • Chairing

    • secretarying/scheduling/messengering

    • [X] Laura will send e-mail to group about new chairing volunteer

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