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Minutes April 2019

Page history last edited by emorlock 4 years, 5 months ago

EDAG April 2019 call


Date: Tuesday 16th April 2019


Apologies: Ryan Baumann, Tom Elliott, Tamara Kalkhitashvili, Pietro Liuzzo, Charlotte Tupman, Polina Yordanova


Good intentions: Elli Mylonas (cooling my heels in the purgatory of the doctor’s office. Hope to be sprung eventually…), Hugh Cayless (have a conflict and will be late)


Present: Simona Stoyanova, Laura Löser, Gabriel Bodard, Elli Mylonas, Scott Vanderbilt, Emmanuelle Morlock, Scott DiGiulio


Agenda items:


  • Validation of the February minutes (March call was EFES workshop)

  • EpiDoc and Cuneiform working group (GB) 

    • Small new group born in a meeting in Ankara

      • Further meeting in May 2019 at the earliest

      • Chair: İlgi Gerçek and Gabby 

    • Needs

      • How do we encode these things - diff sigla & distinctions from Leiden

      • Implement it in the XSLT (starting from scratch)

        • Maybe a test suite will the useful (Hugh Cayless is looking at Xspec at the moment, that might bring more fine grained testing). In effect, if when we’ll have an XSLT test suite, no change should be implemented without it.

    • Who wants to join?

  • Workshops update (GB,SS)

    • Last ones joint epidoc and something else. Most recently: EpiDoc and treebanking, was very successful (papyrus texts)

    • London April-May

    • September 16-22 2019 (Dharma project, Berlin)

    • September 2019 (Zurich, Stephanie Schmidt, DH workshops) 

      • Who is teaching : Tamara + one of Hugh and Elli; to be decided

  • EFES update (GB)

    • A letter to the Mellon foundation has been sent, still waiting to know if an application is welcomed.

    • End 2019 - maybe there will be a position for an EpiDoc / XSLT person. To te confirmed. 

  • CCED mini-article (GB,CT)

    • Email Gabby if you want to co-author a mini-paper about EpiDoc

    • Laura possibly interested


  • EpiDoc semester brainstorm (gdoc)

    • Weekly?

    • When? To be decided with all (email) (todo Gabby)

    • Organizers?

  • teiCorpus?

    • Motivation for that

    • Do you want to have an opinion to have a teiCorpus as epidoc (as you can have it as TEI and your teiCorpus

    • We could recommend not to do that because of the potential risks of fragmentation.

    • Epidoc ODD : not in schemaSpec/@start

    • Hugh Cayless : there is possibility that in the future, teiCorpus will be obsolete and the TEI element could nest in replacement. 

    • 2 possible fixes:

      • Add teiCorpus to @start

      • Exclude teiCorpus from Core 

    • Decision: bring the conversation to the markupList. Gabby (todo) will write the markup list, then will decide if we add it to schemaSpec/@start or omit it (bearing in mind that if we omit explicitly it something will have to be changed if the TEI allows the nesting of TEI elements.

  • New release? 

    • Need?

      • Things we want to inherit from TEI




[x] done / [~] partly done / [>] still to do


[ ] @all: Look at EpiDoc semester brainstorm (gdoc)

[X]@GB: write to the markupList about the omission of teiCorpus from the schema



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