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Minutes September 2017

Page history last edited by pietro liuzzo 6 years, 5 months ago

Present: Gabriel Bodard (GB), Hugh Cayless (HC), Scott DiGiulio (SDG), Pietro Liuzzo (PL), Elli Mylonas (EMy), Simona Stoyanova (SS), Charlotte Tupman (CT), Polina Yordanova (PY)


Apologies: Tom Elliott




  1. EpiDoc training (EFES Sep 25-29; Oct 30-Nov3; Brown Oct 6-7; Köln Oct 9-11; ...); PL taught mini-workshop for CIEGL participants in Wien last month.
    1. plus future events in Crete, Cluj, Tblisi,  Sofia, London (Apr 2018),
    2. PL using TEI Publisher + Exist DB for EpiDoc trainings. XAR packaged app for installation in exist-db here  
  2. EFES:
    1. installation ready (1. Get EFES; 2. install instructions)
    2. sample XML
    3. bibliography handling
    4. other questions?
  3. Guidelines tunnels params progress -- HC will contact SV & GB to discuss helping with this
  4. Other matters? N.
  5. No discussion of tickets.
  6. Next release (EpiDoc 9.0. Set release date `[Nov/Dec?`] next month?)
  7. Next meeting: Tues, Oct 17, 15h00.


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