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User Stories to Guide EpiDoc Development


A "user story" is a short, informal statement of a software system requirement.


EpiDoc User Stories


Note that some of the stories below are "epics" (meta-stories), i.e., they build upon other stories, which are to be found by clicking through the appropriate link. Individual stories may appear in more than one "epic" if they are thematically appropriate to same.


Note also that one initiative of the first Roadmap Meeting (19 September 2006) was to introduce a distinction between "Core" and "Advanced" capaibilites across the EpiDoc family of Guidelines and tools. The DevelopmentCoreAndAdvanced page provides an alternative index into the individual user stories by grouping them into these two categories.


Please use the UserStoryTemplate to outline content for each User Story.


Note: this section, and its hierarchy, are subject to radical refactoring at almost any moment. Feel free to add new user stories!!!




  • StarDoc (i.e., Similar XML Initiatives)











  • EpiDocFAQ : alternate entry path into the Guidelines





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