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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 8 months ago

Things to Do


(An unordered list for discussion in the first meeting, May 9th 2007.)


(Adapted over time, currently last edited: May 30th)


Mechanisms for Release, Publication and Online Review of Guidelines


  • Re-activate GL updating/mirroring at Stoa


New Guidelines Sections


  • Guidelines re verse, liinegroups, lines, metre, etc. GB
    • XSL ditto




  • investigate transfer from SF CVS to SVN TRE DONE
  • more investigation needed TRE/HC
  • backup contents and transfer HC


Review Guidelines


  • take a census of hollow or too sketchy sections
    • priorities: items required for Leiden-conformance should be dealt with first
      • GB checked against his cheat sheet and found:
        • lines/sections (see GB below) DONE
        • the problems with gaps we identified in San Diego (see below)
        • expansion of symbol (small problem)--add example to abbreviationsunderstood GB DONE
        • There's also <space>, though HC may have fixed that by now (see below) DONE
      • TE to do census of actual Leiden conformance list in GLs themselves


Guidelines structure and cosmetics


  • clarify division between GLs content and DocuWiki content (and document same)
  • provides links to DocuWiki in GL TOC
  • provide navigation in GL pages (e.g. back to TOC)
  • index GLs by (e.g.) TEI elements




  • document 'lines.xml' in GL GB DONE
  • clarify and document 'textunits.xml' in GL GB priority
  • 'teidiv-textpart.xsl' in XSL GB priority




  • <space/> is screwed in the xslts, and possibly the encoding guidance, God have mercy on our souls.
    • Compare documentation of <space/> with Insaph usage GB
    • fix XSLT which currently does not display vacat HC DONE
    • add @precision to GLs (and XSLT) GB DONE in GL (XSL needed)


Sic and corr


  • dtd change:
    • corr cannot have a sic attribute
    • sic cannot have a corr attribute




  • document Apparatus in GL (and XSL)
    • DTD and GL done
    • XSL to do HC


problems with gap


  • Fix logic in the named template "calcgapextentstring" (in teigap.xsl) to deal with any gap that has an extentmax attribute the same way, regardless of the quanity stored in the "extent" attribute.
  • fold into the existing "lostline.xml" the content of lost beginning or end, and normalize same GB DONE
  • replace the use of <gap extent="something"/><certainty locus="extent" degree="low"/> with, simply, <gap extent="something" precision="circa"/> GB DONE in GL (XSL needed)
  • replace the use of <gap [[[no extent!]]]/><certainty locus="extent" degree="low"/> with, simply, <gap extent="unknown"/> GB DONE in GL (XSL needed)


editorial corrections


  • we need to address the case, mostly arising in Greek epigraphy and in papyrology, where there is no difference in sigla used for a case of editorial addition vs. a case of editorial correction per se (deletion being unproblematic in this context). To wit: blah is the correct tagging to use (sans an enclosing ).
    • Whereas, if one *can* detect the difference (regardless what one's Leiden sigla practice might be), we would expect to see: <supplied reason="omitted">b</supplied>lah or <choice><sic>p</sic><corr>b</corr></choice>lah. DTD and XSLT modifications and, especially, guidelines modifications, are/may be required to make this work.




  • dtd change for a precision attribute (circa | exact) #implied .... for use on the following elements: DONE
    • gap/date/measure/space DONE
  • Plus: we need to get @precision into TEI P5 ( !=@cert )
  • Plus: we need to unconflate @extent and @unit in P5


<mark/> DONE


  • add <g> to DTD GB DONE
  • document <g> (replacement for <mark/>) GB DONE
  • plus XSL GB DONE
  • deprecate <mark/> and remove from DTD in six months time (November 2007)

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