Roadmap Prolegomena


These are the things you need to know before participating in discussions regarding the EpiDoc Development Roadmap.




In setting agenda for the EpiDoc Community, we will define a number of tasks that need to be done, we will prioritize them, and we will start making plans for their completion. To organize this process, we will adopt a number of terms from the world of software development. Please make sure you understand the following terms:



The History of EpiDoc


If you are not well-acquainted with the history of EpiDoc, you might find it worthwhile to read the About EpiDoc section on the EpiDoc web site (including the continuation page).


Major EpiDoc Resources


Take some time to read the Resources Page on the EpiDoc web site. It provides a description of each of the tools and documents we are developing. It will be very difficult to discuss priorities without understanding something about each of the things we are creating.


Known Defects and Desired Features


The EpiDoc Community has trackers for both bugs and feature requests. Although their contents are no doubt out of date and incomplete -- that's part of what this effort is for! -- some time spent reviewing their content will help you prepare for discussions about next steps and priorities.



A Draft Roadmap


First, have a quick look at the Frequently Asked Questions


TomElliott and GabrielBodard have created a draft list of user stories. This document, in its present form, is meant to be provocative. We hope that, after examining it, you will want to do one or more of the following things:



So, have a look at the: list of user stories!


Please Remember


Please endeavor to have added your reactions, and additional milestones, to this wiki by 2300 hours GMT on Thursday, 12 October in order to give other participants time to review them in advance of our Friday 13 October meeting.