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The P4 to P5 Push




  • GB, TE, HC, ?CT, ?ZA, ?SB, ?LB, ?EM, ?RA, ?AC




  1. Convene working group from the above list
    1. assign tasks/slices of GLs to WG
  2. Trawl the Guidelines noting which pages need (a) simply carrying over; (b) minor tweaking; (c) major rethinking
  3. document minor tweaks (write XSLT)
  4. document and thrash out major issues
    1. check P5 GLs
    2. debate within WG / Markup list
      1. participants: VA, GB, DP
    3. take to TEI-L / Council
      1. *DONE*
  5. Create ODD and test schema
    1. iterate over text, with XSLT
      1. participants: GB
    2. iterate over msDesc
      1. participants: GB, EM, DP
  6. ...




  • Schema for use by USEp needed by:
  • Schema for use by IDP needed by:
  • ...

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