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Title: Guidance for new users




This is an EpiDoc UserStory


  • Originator(s): Charlotte Roueché, Tom Elliott
  • Associated Bug/Feature Request(s): None
  • Markup List subject line(s)
    • Material for beginners
    • What do we need



We need a summary of how to begin




This is the equivalent of the page in the manual which tells you how to switch on. You only learn it once;; but it cannot be omitted.


Dependencies and rules


It should offer gateways into the rest of the site




  • Can we invite >anyone< to start? Or do we need a proviso, for the time being, about the level of skill/commitment required?
  • If we add such a proviso, is it datelimited: do we aim to have a full - if rough - set of guidelines for September 2007?
  • Do we require people to register with TEI?
  • Do we advise them to link up with other TEI projects?
  • What do we expect them to get from us, as a community? Do we just say - join the mailing list?
  • Are there other issues to draw to their attention, eg: before you publish online, do make sure that you have the full consent of anyone involved to the publication of material such as photographs and plans? or is that not our business?


An example is evolving at BeginnerGuidance.


Acceptance Tests


  • TBD

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