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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 1 month ago

Agenda for April 2008 Guidelines push


  • Prerequisite to IDP XSL work: Move Sourceforge repositories from CVS to SVN (see SF help page) (HC done)


  • Get DTD changes from last few months documented in Guidelines (See markup list and extension files for details)
    • update examples files (provide e.g.s from IRCyr, IDP, and hand-fixed InsAph, etc.) GB to do
    • and bring XSLT in-line
      • (synch IDP XSL with EpiDoc Standard XSLs?)
      • IDP to replace CVS XSLs, with hand-merging of:
        • GL specific support
        • divs other than edition/translation/apparatus
        • Greek and Latin epigraphy leiden-styles
    • push version 6 of GL/XSL/DTD to Stoa
      • Note: we need to test Stoa cron/upload features


  • Create list of EpiDoc customizations that will break if we upgrade to TEI P5
    • GB, VA, DP to meet at 0600 Wednesday April 16 to discuss, plot, and plan
    • (Note we talked about this a year ago under P4toP5push)
      • also check old feature requests
      • (Note there is also a msDesc task force within the TEI-MS-SIG to which we ought to contribute our findings)
    • Use canonical P5 mechanisms where possible
    • Submit feature requests to TEI SF for anything we need
      • Note: TEI P5.1 release scheduled for June 2008, so we need to get these feature requests in before end of April to have any hope of persuading the Council to play ball



Appendix 1: changes to DTD and usage since last GL update (GB)


  • Removed mark (deprecated last year) (GL/XSL done)
  • Added am and ex to abbr/expan model (major) (GL/XSL done)
  • added supplied/@evidence (for IDP) (not in guidelines)
  • added supplied/@reason='undefined' (for IDP) (not in guidelines)
  • added add/@place='margin' (for IDP) (example added)
  • added hi/@rend=... several values (for IDP) (not in guidelines)
  • created element subst to contain add and del pairs (GL done) (XSL working in IDP)
  • added div/@subtype and bibl/@subtype (not in guidelines) document in textunits.xml
  • added biblScope/@type=... several values (not in guidelines)
  • added msDesc, msIdentifier, msName under sourceDesc (for HGV metadata) (not in guidelines)


Compare the following diffs:



Appendix 2: Issues between EpiDoc and P5 Guidelines


In hand


  • look at gap@extent, @extentmax, maybe add @extentmin (James and Gabby will discuss)
    • in P5 @extent has become @quantity
    • possibly add @min, @max, @atLeast, & @atMost (vel sim.)


We can simplify our usage


  • look at replacement for orig@n='unresolved' (perhaps @type/@subtype)
  • look at replacement for sic@n='superfluous'
  • @type not allowed on choice in P5


We need to propose changes to P5


  • add attribute to represent a word-dividing line break (currently lb/@type='worddiv')
  • look at replacement for gap@dim (indicating what part of the object is missing)
  • fractions


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