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Development: Core and Advanced


The EpiDoc Guidelines and Tools are currently being developed in two versions:


  • A core set of basic epigraphic editing conventions, practices, and tools for producing digital texts in conformity with the guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative and the so-called Leiden system for editing documents.
  • An advanced set of experimental conventions and practices in development by projects employing EpiDoc to create full digital editions of and commentaries on inscriptional texts.


The EpiDoc community issues formal "releases" of its tools, documentation and example files in a coordinated manner so that a given "core" user story is implemented across the entire family of products simultaneously. For example, a user story calling for better handling of mixed lacunae should not be implemented in a new CHETC release unless it is also fully explained in a corresponding Guidelines release and a template for transforming the results added to a corresponding release of the Standard Stylesheets. These coordinated releases are designated with a common release identifier (e.g., "core-7").


Categorized User Stories


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