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Minutes September 2016

Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 7 years, 5 months ago

Present: Gabriel Bodard (GB), Hugh Cayless (HC), Tom Elliott (TE), Laura Löser (LL), Elli Mylonas (EMy), Simona Stoyanova (SS), Charlotte Tupman (CT), Scott Vanderbilt (SV), Polina Yordanova (PY)

Apologies: Scott DiGiulio, Pietro Liuzzo, Emmanuelle Morlock


  1. Release schedule. We're working towards a February 2017 release, which will probably be 8.23 (unless we do something radical to trigger a 9.* renumber), and PY will be release technician. We have assigned all open tickets to 8.23 accordingly, to make sure we pay attention to them in the run-up to that release.
  2. EpiDoc training. Dates for next London workshop: April 3-7, 2017, Institute of Classical Studies. Athens workshop in discussion with EMy and CT. Warwick workshop will also be discussed by SS and CT.
  3. Sourceforge Tickets. There are three bugs that remain open (129, 144, 149) which require the attention of TE, GB and HC respectively. We only started triaging feature requests based on priority:
    1. 74: Add basic functionality for INTERNAL apparatus to XSLT we think is largely done, but TE will survey to see what the status is, and to what degree the literary papyrology project is going to bring a lot of new requirements to the table
    2. 81: deprecate idiosyncratic @type on <g> and use @ref and <glyph> is fairly important, but needs a certain amount of discussion to decide where `<glyph>`s will go in the new regime. PY has taken the responsibility of convening a sprint on this topic, and will email the list to ask for interested parties to take part.
    3. 85: Re-engineer guidelines process to use tunnel parameters for examples Emmanuelle will convene this sprint asap.
    4. 100: Add Schematron rules to disallow [ ] ( ) and underdots It was decided that this is too high-risk, and so closed as "wont-fix." Projects may create bespoke Schematron or Lint to test their EpiDoc files as required.
  4. Next meeting. Tuesday October 20, at 15h00 UK time (UTC+1).

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