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Minutes July 2016

Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 7 years, 12 months ago

Present: Gabriel Bodard (GB), Scott DiGiulio (SD), Emmanuelle Morlock (EMo), Elli Mylonas (EMy), Polina Yordanova (PY).

Apologies: Hugh Cayless, Tom Elliott, Pietro Liuzzo, Laura Löser, Simona Stoyanova, Charlotte Tupman.

  1. We discussed the XSLT testing regime a little more. EMo has started writing notes on how to go about editing the EpiDoc Example XSLT, with parameters, which is a useful start at this documentation. I would suggest a top-level pair of rules:
    1. One: any changes you write into the XSLT for the purposes of your project should be parameterized in such a way that anyone not using your parameter will see NO CHANGE OF BEHAVIOR at all.
    2. Two: if for whatever reason it is not technically possible to parameterize away your changes (as seems to be the case with recent additions of `<seg>` to gaps and text fields, which caused two separate breakages in existing usage), then YOU MUST warn all active projects (i.e. those who use the live rather than tagged XSLT) before you commit, and ask them to test your changes against their XML.
  2. Seeking volunteers to help run EpiDoc training in Athens (EMy and Charlotte will contact) and Warwick (Charlotte offered again, but a second trainer would be useful; anyone?). It would be good to keep a running list of who is available for such training (in addition to EDAG members), and proactively keep an eye out for people looking to run workshops.
  3. The most complex ticket that we currently have open (not counting those that we pushed back to a future release because they're too big) was the site redesign (#84), recently discussed by GB and EMy. This has three parts: (i) redesign site headers; (ii) redesign site footer; (iii) add "see also" divisions to content of each page. Progress is as follows:
    1. Punted to future development;
    2. EMo will have a first bash at implementing these: replacing the current hierarchical buttons from the Rahtz TEI stylesheets (which are not appropriate the EpiDoc) with a simple version number, and copyright statement;
    3. add (a) automated index of other pages that discuss the same elements as the current page; (b) hand-curating "see also" references from all pages to other relevant pages not likely to be caught by the automatic index. GB is working on (a) as we speak. (b) will enter the "good practice" notes for writing of Guidelines pages. (#105)
  4. The EpiDoc release 8.22 was kicked off by EMy last Tuesday. Today is technically the "feature freeze" day, when we stop adding new features and focus only on proofreading/bugfixing for the rest of the week. Next Monday (Aug 1) will be candidate release day, and if no terminal errors are spotted in the following two days, we will release on Wednesday Aug 3. Please finish any new code commits today, and try to spend some time proofreading the rest of this week. 


Footnote re notes 1 and 3 above: I have created the two new pages in the EpiDoc wiki for us to start documenting "good practice" in both Guidelines and Stylesheets authoring:


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