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Minutes September 2015

Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 8 years ago

Quick summary of the EpiDoc sprint this afternoon:


  • We spent most of the call discussing Pietro's great work implementing calls to Zotero from the EpiDoc bibliography field, and how this should be implemented and parametrized in the Example Stylesheets (Pietro will summarize the decisions in the ticket at http://sourceforge.net/p/epidoc/feature-requests/98/ for further testing and discussion).
  • We also discussed a couple of other tickets, namely the ongoing issue of how many different communities we want to try to cater for in EpiDoc Schema and tooling, and whether we shouldn't instead recommend people who find our transcription or metadata guidelines useful buthave different edition structures or TEI needs embed the EpiDoc ODD intheir own ODD (much as our ODD customizes the TEI for our community). It might be an idea to exemplify this with one project, e.g. Perseus or Andrew Dunning's work. Ongoing.
  • We also discussed a couple of XSLT bugs identified by Mat Carbon, and Pietro responded to his recent Markup query asking for more details so we can try to fix.


Two requests from GB:


  1. The first week of October a meeting will be held in Bonn (by the Mayan epigraphy group there) to discuss particular needs of non-alphabetic epigraphies using EpiDoc/TEI. Egyptologists, Cuneiformists, Linear B-ists and similar have also been invited. I should be there, but if anyone has any particular input or interest, we'd be happy to hear from you.
  2. I have a student who has just been given a bursary by the Ariadne project to explore relationships between EpiDoc categories and CIDOC-CRM encoding. I'll give her a crash course on EpiDoc/epigraphic/EAGLE etc. categories next week, but if anyone else was willing to talk to her, we'd both be very grateful for you input.

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