Minutes December 2014

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Present: Gabriel Bodard, Hugh Cayless, Pietro Liuzzo, Elli Mylonas, Charlotte Tupman


A quick report on the EpiDoc sprint we held this afternoon. Hugh, Pietro, Elli, Charlotte and I spoke for a couple of hours, went through open tickets (and closed some of them), and discussed a bit of potential reorganization/re-engineering of the Guidelines.


We also decided to schedule the next EpiDoc release for late March/early April 2015, and that I would like to run this one, to see if any of it can be streamlined. We'll set a more concrete data at the next call.


Most importantly, we would like to propose moving the monthly sprint from the current Thursday afternoon slot (which is almost always inconvenient for Pietro), so a Tuesday afternoon slot, same time (15:00 London = 10:00 Eastern). This would mean the next four meetings are: Jan 13, Feb 17, Mar 17, Apr 21.

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