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Minutes June 2016

Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 6 years, 7 months ago

Present: Ryan Baumann (RB), Gabriel Bodard (GB), Scott DiGiulio (SD), Laura Löser (LL), Elli Mylonas (EMy), Simona Stoyanova (SS), Scott Vanderbilt (SV).
Apologies: Hugh Cayless, Tom Elliott, Pietro Liuzzo, Emmanuelle Morlock, Charlotte Tupman, Polina Yordanova.

1) We agreed to reschedule the EpiDoc release v.8.22, which was due on June 30, by about a month. EMy will email to confirm dates, and suggest a two-hour sprint on July 19 (at the regularly scheduled time ± one hour). Discussion continued on what should be our dev priorities between now and then.

2) The only significant XSLT change that has happened recently is the addition of an edition structure template for the Dodona Online project at htm-tpl-struct-dol.xsl. There are now three working templates that can be used in training or demonstration (InsLib, IOSPE and DOL). We agreed it would be good to add or enhance other templates, perhaps starting with USEP or IIP (EMy and SD will see whether they have time in the next month to look into this). If anyone else would like to mock-up their project's appearance and structure in a template, please give GB a shout and he'll be happy to help set this up.

3) Everyone seems happy with EMy and GB's suggested redesign of the EpiDoc site (new menus, cross references in individual feature pages, generated element index). GB will see if he can implement the latter before next month.

4) We may not have time to completely reconfigure the GLs to use tunnel parameters instead of generating examples as external files, but EMy suggest we run an online sprint to work on this task, to help spread the knowledge of how the EpiDoc GLs work as widely as possible. Who would like to join GB, EMy and SV in this sprint some time?

5) Other major initiative that we probably don't have time to execute before next month: refactor internal and external apparatus (needs TE & PL); refactor `<g>` to use `@ref` instead of `@type` (would need to resolve issue of where symbol URIs live).

6) Feature requests: we agreed it would be good if everyone were to resolve at least one FR that is assigned to them in the next couple weeks. If you don't have any assigned to you, and would like to do something, give GB or EMy a shout, and we'll sort you out with one!

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