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Minutes June 2014

Page history last edited by Gabriel Bodard 5 years, 1 month ago

In today's chat we discussed open tickets, and commented on a couple. It was agreed that the only essential fixes for 8.19 are the two open bugs, currently assigned to Tom. (Scott has since fixed and closed one of those.) Tom: if you need any help with ticket 119 (re the broken display of `<cit>` elements, please let us know and we'll try to prioritize that. On feature requests, we discussed:

1. (#70) the implementation of basic external apparatus, and I agreed to enter a simple version of this from IOSPE code. (Can't promise this will happen before July 24 though.) I've also opened a new ticket (#74) for basic implementation of interal appcrit--something simpler than the current ddbdp template; no volunteers for this task yet.

2. (#45) I will implement a simple version of the release info issue with a tag in the `titleStmt/title` of driver.xml; to discuss later whether to stand this off in a parameter file and x-include.

3. (#72 & #73) Pietro will tidy up the two issues he identified, and open new tickets if anything controversial arises.

Other tickets (especially #69, on `provenance/@type`, and #68, on schema disambiguation for Oxygen forms) will be discussed further, presumably in the tickets for now. Hugh will attempt to implement #63 (search form) for this release.

The group agreed unanimously and enthusiastically to add Ryan to this list.

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